Hurry Up,
We're Dreaming
Hello, interweb friend.
I am Czar.
I help build user interfaces and enhance user experience. Really tho, I just love quality aesthetics.
Years ago, I made a pact with myself to see the world and live the cultures - oh, how I've grown.

I have a confession to make, the first time I saw you, hindi kita gusto. Parang may nagsasabi na isa kang malaking sakit sa ulo. But I also have to admit that even then, you have something special in you. You had that spirit. You are by far the bravest girl I’ve ever met.

Days…weeks…months passed. I don’t know if it’s because you opened your heart to me; kung ano ba ang mas malakas ang epekto — yung kakulitan mo o yung dasal mo. Siguro mas matindi ka lang talaga magdasal. I never thought that life could be this exciting. I loved every moment. I loved every bit of you. Your love, your craziness… your unpredictability.

We bared souls to each other. Because of you, I started believing in myself. I started fighting for what I believed in. I started being brave. More than three years and I thought we were good.

More than 3 years going on forever, or so I thought. Hindi ko lang alam kung bakit? Kung paano? Kelan nagsimula? Anong nangyari sa ating dalawa? Bakit tayo naghiwalay?

But today, I resolved to stop bothering you. I have decided to let you be and give you the space you asked for. That’s why I’m sending this email 4 years from this day.

You’ll be 30 years old by then. Sana nagawa mo na lahat ng gusto mo. Sana tama na ang apat na taon para masiguro mo na ako talaga ang gusto mo makasama habambuhay.

Magtitiis ako Ginny, knowing that one day, I’ll be back. I will do everything it takes to bring you back. I will never lose hope that we will have our second chance. I won’t ever lose hope.

  • What sort of user are you imagining will prefer this app?

  • Matas:

    "We really don't know. We are not really thinking too much in terms of demographic like that. It honestly has been this project that we started as something because we recognized that it would be great to create an experience that is really focused around presenting content in a focused way. We spent a while building this out, and we are going to wait and see. Hopefully people like it. But, we don't have too many expectations in terms of demographics."

  • Hwang:

    "We basically had built a product we all loved. And, by building something we loved so much, we hope that other people will like it, too."